Vet practices asked to support Puppy Awareness Week

The veterinary profession is being asked to help publicise Puppy Awareness Week by placing promotional material in client waiting areas and selling badges, the proceeds of which will go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

The Kennel Club is calling on the veterinary profession for help publicising Puppy Awareness Week, by putting up posters and literature in client waiting areas, and selling Puppy Awareness Week badges, the proceeds of which will go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Puppy Awareness Week: September 8-14, 2012The second annual Puppy Awareness Week (PAW) takes place from September 8-14, 2012 and aims to help people find a healthy, happy puppy that is right for their lifestyle, while raising awareness about the plight of puppies and breeding bitches born into cruel puppy farms.

KC secretary Caroline Kisko said: "It is vitally important that we spread the word about buying puppies responsibly. At veterinary surgeries there is a captive audience of animal lovers and we can't think of anyone better to communicate with.

"Not only are a vet's clients animal lovers and as such, potential new dog owners, but they may also make great champions of the cause, spreading the message about buying a puppy responsibly further afield."

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