New practice poster explains the role of veterinary nurses

A poster has been created to help raise public awareness of the status of veterinary nurses, explaining the wide range of tasks that they perform in veterinary practice and promoting the welfare benefits they can help provide.

Clients can sometimes not realise the level of commitment and study that goes into becoming a qualified VN, nor the wide range of tasks that they perform in a veterinary practice.  
New veterinary nursing poster from BVNA and SPVS.
With this in mind, the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) and the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS) have collaborated to produce an informative poster for use by practices to raise public awareness of the status of VNs and promote the welfare benefits that VNs can help provide.
The posters (pictured right) are available in large A2 format, suitable for waiting-room display and available for free collection from BVNA events. 

A folded poster can be obtained free of charge from the BVNA office, or a rolled poster can be supplied at £2.50 to cover P&P. Alternatively a PDF version of the poster can be downloaded from the BVNA website.

  • Contact the BVNA office on 01279 408644 to request a copy for your practice.
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