BVA advises on disciplinary procedures

The British Veterinary Association has developed videos to help employers and employees deal with disciplinary processes.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has developed videos to help employers and employees with disciplinary processes.

The BVA has released a range of expert-led videos to help employers and employees with the disciplinary processThe expert-led series of videos answer questions, including when to give a warning to an employee and how to prepare for a disciplinary hearing.

The five short videos, which can be accessed free on vets.tv as part of the BVA membership package, talk employers through the procedures they must follow to ensure it is a fair process. The videos also advise employees on how to approach the issue, including guidance on how much time employees should have to look at the evidence on which the disciplinary action is based.

Using case studies, each video shows what the particular stages in the disciplinary process mean, what they involve and how to prepare for them.

Robin Hargreaves, chair of the BVA Members Services Group, said of the videos: “Many have already downloaded the videos, which are short and easy to follow, arming members with the knowledge they need to prepare for the difficult journey through the disciplinary process.
“There is evidently a need for such information and I hope members of the veterinary team check the whole range of free employment resources BVA members can access before paying for external legal advice - it might not be needed.”
Visit www.bva.co.uk/vetsTv/2792.aspx to view the videos.

The downloadable guides can be found at www.bva.co.uk/guides while www.bva.co.uk/legal holds information on legal services.

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