Veterinary Business Development (VBD) is the UK's leading veterinary communications company. We are dedicated to providing the animal health industry with the means to effectively communicate with the veterinary profession.

This is achieved through a range of publications including our market-leading weekly news journal, Veterinary Times; VN Times, covering veterinary nursing issues; The Veterinary Business Journal, addressing business and finance; and the technical reference books from Henston.

in addition, our unique Vetfile direct mail and market research services offer flexible solutions for targeting all sectors of the veterinary market and our specialist experience means VBD can help you deliver your message successfully and efficiently.

So, whatever your veterinary communications needs please get in touch: with over 20 years’ experience you will find that we are a totally client-focused team with the skills and tools to infuse your strategic message directly to the target market.

VBD is the only UK veterinary publisher to be a member of the PPA.


Vetsonline has been created as the ultimate one-stop online resource for daily veterinary news, recruitment and CPD listings, as well as containing myriad tools and articles of use to vets, VNs, practice managers and their veterinary colleagues in their everyday lives.

These pages include regularly updated news for the veterinary profession, product news, CPD and a chance to register for our weekly newsletter to keep you up-to-date if you can’t get online as regularly as you’d like.

Vetsonline also includes a fully searchable archive of Veterinary Business Development's flagship publications: Veterinary Times, VN Times and The Veterinary Business Journal (VBJ).

The site is set to grow exponentially, with exclusive articles, features and CPD elements being added on a regular basis, all with you in mind - and should you think we’re missing out on any important issues, we’re always happy to hear your thoughts;our moderated user forums are a regular haunt of the VBD news team, and the site will run regular polls to gather opinion on topical issues.

Additionally, for those whose involvement in the day-to-day running of a practice extends into its management, Vetsonline includes articles on health and safety, client relations and staff issues, as well as details of the latest professional regulations and requirements.

Take a look around and feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

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